How to remove pollen from car

It is essential that you clean your car surface from pollen because while it may look safe, it has the possible to in fact scratch the surface of the car’s paint. Those bits of pollen imitate an abrasive if not wiped frequently, and can leave irreversible marks in the paint that reduce the total look of your vehicle.

Here are a couple of basic ideas on the best ways to clean pollen off your car:

Keeping Your Car Indoors

Cleaning Your Parked Car of PollenKeeping it in the garage will definitely reduce the work needed to keep your vehicle clean. The pollen season just lasts a couple of months at the most, so if you can keep the car inside your home it will definitely minimize the possibilities of scratches on the paint surface. One included advantage to keeping the car in the garage is that wiping the pollen will be a lot easier.

Bringing the car to a self-serve car wash and after that going right into your garage will assist to lessen the quantity of pollen that gets caught on your vehicle.

Maintaining Your Cleaning Routine

Throughout the heaviest of the pollen season, your car is going to resemble a lure to pollen, regardless how great you clean it. The key to lessening the damage the pollen can do to the surface of your car needs you to be a little alert this time of year. This will make it simpler to remove pollen, and assist to keep your car looking clean through these couple of difficult months.

Cleaning Your Parked Car of Pollen

If you have used a thick finish of car wax or sealant however do not park your car in a garage, then pollen will collect. As long as you are driving, the pollen has long shot to stay with the paint because of the slick wax surface, however when parked in your driveway for hours at a time, the pollen can collect rapidly like snow. Since you have already used the wax, the pollen merely needs a little push to be removed.

If you have a tube in the house, spray the car from the top to permit the pollen to move off the car surface quickly. The only problem with cleaning the car, you are getting water spots. Polish the car after cleaning to keep it clean.

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